The Home Selling Process

When selling your home, you don’t just need a REALTOR® with a license. You need a kick-butt, no-bull, marketing MACHINE of a real estate agent that has one goal in mind: to get your home sold quickly, painlessly, and for the highest price.

You need someone with the experience and knowledge to get your home in front of as many potential buyers as humanly possible. That person must be able to utilize the latest and greatest technology but also have the ability to tie in the “old school” ways to GRAB a buyer’s attention from both angles.

Hi, I'm Shane Klinkhammer and I am one of the hardest working, most technologically savvy real estate professionals in the Greater Puget Sound area. I don’t just throw your home on the MLS, drop a sign in your yard and HOPE that someone sees it. It's quite the opposite really…

I'm pretty sure that you're looking for the BEST real estate professional and you don’t want a paperweight agent that sits around costing you money. You want a professional agent that delivers with a relentless focus on the fundamental skills that ensure a profitable and hassle-free transaction.

Here's how I can help...


Some people have YEARS to sell a home as long as they get the price they are looking for. Others have a matter of days or weeks to sell, so they are more flexible on the price. The challenge when pricing a home is IDENTIFYING your needs and finding a price that works with them. That’s where I come in; I work with you to identify what YOUR needs are, find a price that will work with your situation, and get it sold. It’s that simple!


With my digital real estate marketing team, you can expect the best in the latest marketing techniques and what is proven to get results! With a mixture of print, web, and guerrilla marketing techniques I don’t just throw a few unprofessional photos up on the MLS, drop a sign in your yard, and HOPE that your home sells.

My marketing team and I create a marketing plan for YOUR home that sparks CURIOSITY and INTEREST in your home. With our extensive research, we KNOW where the buyers are coming from and how to GRAB their attention.


The art of negotiation goes beyond the selling price of your home; inclusions, repairs, and so much more are EQUALLY important when selling your house. You need an real estate consultant that knows how to walk a fine line between pushing too hard and having the buyer walk away, or not pushing hard enough and having the buyer walk all over you. Sound like fun? IT IS! This is my FAVORITE part of the transaction!

My job is to always look out for your best interests. Each step of the way I will point out the most aggressive and least aggressive options for each negotiated point. This way you will be fully informed and together, we can decide on the best strategy.

Want to know more about the process? Let's chat about your house and situation!

Email me or call me at 253.227.1609

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